It's All About Me

There are many companies out there offering to record voice reels but the difference with me is, well, me.

I have been making my living as a voiceover for a long time. I have voiced hundreds of ads, promo's, corporate films, continuity links and cartoons.

So I know how to do it.

But more importantly, I know how to help you do it too.

I have a recording studio at home which I use to record and edit my own vo's for clients, so it seemed logical to branch out into producing voice reels.

With me you get someone who can not only record, edit and mix your session but can also direct you.

I have taught courses in voiceovers and directed voice reels at a number of London Drama Schools and I currently work at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, so I'm experienced in directing actors new to voiceover work.

Creativity. Ability. Experience.